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Sarasota Prostate Cancer Center – About Dr. Stephen Scionti

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The most experienced minimally invasive Sarasota Prostate Cancer Center HIFU ablation specialist.
  • Ablation Experience: Over 2000 prostate cancer ablative procedures
  • The nation’s most experienced HIFU surgeon
  • Former Director of Clinical Education and Training for USHIFU and  SonaCare Medical.
  • Former Clinical Associate Professor and Director of Prostate Cancer Ablative Surgery at NYU School of Medicine
  • Training and Proctoring: International Lecturer and Proctor for HIFU treatment
  • Patient Access: Praised by patients for his personal availability, compassion and dedication

Dr. Scionti, a board certified urologist, is globally recognized for his advanced prostate cancer diagnostic methods using MRI and Artemis MRI fusion targeted biopsy. He has pioneered advances in HIFU treatment that have resulted in better cancer control with fewer side effects. Dr. Scionti is the Founder and Director of the Scionti Prostate Center in Sarasota, Florida and National Medical Director for Vituro Health.

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Sarasota Prostate Cancer Center – Dr. Stephen Scionti Leads The Way

The real difficulty with prostate cancer is that traditional diagnostic methods defined every patient’s disease the same way. However, every single patient is unique. Many patients have a small, slow-growing cancer with favorable genomic properties. I think of this as a “lamb” because it requires either monitoring (Active Surveillance) or minimal therapy and is unlikely to progress to life threatening disease. On the other hand, if a man is diagnosed with a disease characterized by a higher Gleason score and a poor genomic profile indicating that it is faster growing and more aggressive, or what I call a “tiger”, a more aggressive total gland treatment is required. We accurately identify the disease, and we develop the most effective treatment with the least impact possible on quality of life. The Scionti Prostate Center provides your personalized pathway to prostate cancer care. Personalized Precision Diagnosis leads to Personalized Precision care

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HIFU is now approved in the United States by the FDA for prostate ablation. Advanced MRI guided prostate ablation with HIFU is now available in Sarasota at our center of excellence. Don’t trust your prostate cancer treatment to doctors who are “new” to HIFU. Please note that neither Medicare nor commercial insurances plans  provide reimbursement for HIFU treatment. Call us for more information.